The Future of CrowdFunding – Part 2

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Growth of crowdfunding intermediaries

Crowdfunding intermediaries and service providers will grow as crowdfunding market matures. These professionals will crop up from all industries that have anything to do with finance brokerage, legal, marketing social media and technology.

Crowdfunding TV

TV talk shows dedicated to crowdfunding are begging to emerge. This is not unconnected with huge success and popularity of videos from crowdfunding platforms on a site like YouTube. The level of popularity of those videos is an indication that the crowd is eager to know more about crowdfunding through visual channel.

Legal framework

Many more countries of the world are starting to define their acceptance of crowdfunding through the enactment of legislation that will guide the business of crowdfunding. In countries where there were crowdfunding laws in operation, they will take a step further to fine tune the laws as more flavors of crowdfunding emerge. This may not be unconnected with the expression of positive interest in crowdfunding by the World Bank.

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Mergers and acquisition

The acquisition of a crowdfunding platform called Movere in 2012 by another platform called did not generate much publicity. By the year 2013, many more mergers and acquisition started taking place in the industry. Due to the stiff competition that will emerge within the industry, many more mergers will take place. Some of the very small and under-capitalized crowdfunding platforms are beginning to feel jittery because the crowd is becoming more sophisticated in their demand for a better service.

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