What are Startups?

Startups are new, entrepreneurial businesses. In some cases they are highly-innovative, working to disrupt an industry and change the way we do things. These tend to be very high-risk, but if they are successful, the rewards can be tremendous….Read more at

7 Innovative Ways to Finance Business Ideas and Startups

Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to finance business ideas. Television shows like the “Dragons Den” and “Shark Tank” thrive on entrepreneurs needs for capital to finance their business ideas and startups. Here are seven innovative ways to finance your business ideas and startups that you may not have considered…Read more at

5 Famous Power Struggles at Startups

The publicized origin story of Square Inc. is a fabrication,” starts a lawsuit filed by a Washington University engineering professor who is suing the mobile credit card reader company. Square is the San Francisco startup with Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey as its chief executive…Read more at

Successful entrepreneurs should support startups

Charlie Mullins offers a glimpse of his soft side, inviting a massage therapist in to Pimlico Plumbers.

While I never like to count my chickens before they’ve hatched, it looks like we’re starting to ride an economic wave, not only to recovery, but potentially, to prosperity.After another set of positive employment numbers, last week’s GDP statistics looked good and will no doubt help bolster the confidence of business owners to kick on with investments and growth…Read more at

Funding is Not a Measure of Success

There’s no doubt that raising money validates your concept to some extent. If an investor (especially one that isn’t a family member or friend) is convinced that your company is on the right track, there’s a good chance that it actually is. But, there will almost always be aspects of the business model that are still unproven at that point. Chances are, your company is anything but successful.
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How Startups Can Tap Into Google’s Secret Sauce: OKRs

As startups tend to focus on scalability and profit, often employee goal setting is put on the back burner. But this move can be detrimental to a company, its culture and employee morale. So taking a page from search-engine giant Google, our startup has focused on a new milestone strategy.
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