Small Business

Small Businesses Led Job Growth in January

It was a ho-hum month overall for private-sector job growth in January, but small businesses pulled out ahead, according to the latest data from payroll processor ADP.

According to January’s ADP National Employment Report, private businesses created 175,000 jobs last month. Small businesses with fewer than 50 employees added 75,000 positions, trailed by medium businesses, which created 66,000 new jobs…Read more at

Worley’s world: Helping small business grow

Growing up working in her family’s longstanding hardware store, Zettler Hardware, Caroline Worley learned the importance of small businesses and hard work.

“I grew up with my father taking us to the store every weekend. We started working there as kids when we were about 12. We started pricing merchandise, then putting it away, then helping people and doing inventory,” Worley said. “I think that’s where the entrepreneurial spirit comes from originally.” ….Read more at

Content Marketing For Your Small Business

“Content is king.”

This is the mantra of the new internet. For the last year or so, marketers have been touting content as the future of online marketing. And to an extent, they’re right. Yes, there are nuances that are being overlooked, but, for the most part, content marketing is the most effective and longest-lasting form of online marketing…Read more at