How My Family Helped Me Build a ‘Power’ Research Firm

When I started my career in 1959 as a fresh MBA graduate from the Wharton School of Finance and Commerce, I had no idea I would someday find myself building my own company with offices throughout the world to serve global clients from North America to Europe, India to China.

I also had no idea I would embark on a pursuit that would provide not just opportunities for myself, but a shared purpose for my family and an education for my children that would last a lifetime…Read more at

7 tech habits of a successful entrepreneur

While time is money might be an old cliché it’s one which still rings true today, as any entrepreneur and business owner will testify. With products to sell, problems to solve and ideas to develop, alongside the everyday challenges of running a business is there ever enough hours in the day.

‘Don’t work hard, work smart’ is another cliché that’s always bandied about by those wishing to seem efficient, but its one that I don’t fully subscribe to. It’s impossible to make a success of any business without an incredible amount of hard work, punishingly long hours and a steely determination to succeed; but that doesn’t mean we can’t work smart as well, right??..Read more at

7 customer service trends that startups should know about in 2014

Ask people about the state of customer service and there is a good chance that they will be able to tell you at least five stories of terrible experiences –- and not many positive ones. In a recent survey of more than 400 South African customers, 72% said that they had experienced rage with a business at least once in the last four months. Anyone who has tried to solve a problem with a bank, airline booking, or mobile phone service provider recently will know what this sense of powerlessness feels like…Read more at