CrowdFunding in a Nutshell

This book dedicated to educate the crowd in a way to ensure that people have the ability to make informed decision about this new buzz called crowdfunding.Innovators, small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs are in dire need of relevant information about this phenomenon revolutionizing business financing.

It is loaded with tips, about how to identify different types of business models that are in use by crowdfunding platforms, investment opportunities in crowdfunding, challenges of crowdfunding and how to plan for a successful crowdfunding campaign.

This book will teach you:


  • Introduction to the concept of crowdfunding
  • Benefits of crowdfunding to the business world
  • 4 Reasons why you should invest in crowdfunding
  • 4 Investment opportunities in crowdfunding
  • 4 ways to engage crowdfunding intermediaries
  • 10 tips on how to plan and pitch a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • strategies to protect your crowdfunding investment

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