6 Steps To Being A Social Media Marketing Success

I recently argued against the notion that you can do social media marketing in 30 minutes a day. So, when I ran across this infographic from RazorSocial, it seemed a perfect thing to share steps to being a social media marketing success.

Now, I’m not sure being a social media marketing success really takes 18 hours a day, but it is a significant undertaking. Unfortunately, doing social media marketing halfway isn’t likely to generate half the success, but no success. Doing social media marketing successfully is like being pregnant, you can’t do it “just a little”…More

Where is social media now?

In 2014 Facebook is still dominant with with over 1.15 billion users, Twitter has over 550 million registered users and Google+ has reached 359 million monthly active users.
Social media as a marketing tool for business really started to make its presence felt when Facebook created and launched its self service advertising feature in April 2011. Before that social media marketing was restricted to an organic process. Grow your followers on your social networks and drive traffic to your website or blog with calls to action and links…More

How to predict the future using Social Media Monitoring

social media for business If we could look into a crystal ball and see the future, the word ‘regret’ probably wouldn’t feature in the human vocabulary. Because if we had a future perspective on everything we are doing in the now, we simply wouldn’t make poor decisions or miss vital opportunities for growth and success thus rendering the feeling of regret impossible. When you think about what this would mean in business, it’s almost surprising that key business decision makers aren’t dabbling in the dark arts and consulting their corporate crystal balls at the beginning of each quarter.

Except they are. These days, business decision makers are becoming more savvy about how best to see into the future and use their visions to adjust their actions in the now…More