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Ijobers is a resource and bookmarking center for freelancers, work from home professionals, small business and medium-sized business owners and managers. We understand that social media is an essential requirement for success in today’s business. Our passion in social media and analytics is electrifying.

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Members are encouraged to submit, share and vote for the best business and online job information links submitted to our resource center. Our online community provides a platform to learn and interact with new business strategies, tactics, business analytics and entrepreneurial news.

As a business minded community, business news and survival strategies are always welcome. Membership is completely FREE with no strings attached.

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Ijobers job portal provides a connection point between employers and freelancers globally in a safe environment that is beneficial and secure for both freelancers and employers. We provide a freelance jobs search engine that generates facilities for users to search through thousands of legitimate outsourced freelance jobs from around the world.

The database has over sixty categories thus enabling the user to narrow down to specific requirement. Our Service providers have varieties of skills, and come from different backgrounds. Some are self-employed professionals, incorporated businesses or simply people who work around their Job to earn additional income and hobbyists who wish to explore other talents they are passionate about.

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For businesses that want to advertise, we offer flexible and cost effective advertising placement by positioning the company’s brand among key categories. If it is to save money by outsourcing projects, you are guaranteed to find highly skilled freelancers from a global pool of workers who are eager to work.

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We identify with your passion. Whether you are a business or an independent professional providing services, our job portal will give you all the tools you need to hire great talent and take on interesting work.